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Bolton Truck Junction Friendly Trade Appraisal

This Lake Charles resident found out how much their car was worth here at Bolton Truck Junction

Do you know what your current vehicle is worth? You do not want to trade in your automobile or sell it unless you know its value. Bolton Truck Junction in Lake Charles offers a FREE trade appraisal service with NO OBLIGATIONS. Even if you do not buy a car from us, we will still be more than happy to appraise your current vehicle. This is just one of the many complimentary services we offer for everyone. When you go to any dealership in or around Lake Charles LA or try to sell your car on your own, you will know what it is worth. You would never sell your house, boat, or motorcycle before knowing their respective values; the same holds true for your car. Let Bolton Truck Junction appraise your car today, so you can get the fair market value.

To get started on finding out what your current car is worth, please fill out the form below. Be as descriptive as you can and make sure to include any features or accessories you may have added to your vehicle. This will help us give you a more accurate appraisal value on your vehicle. If you prefer to give this information to one of our team members, please give us a call today at (337) 312-1200 and we will be glad to help you.

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